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Treat yourself and your guests to visually stunning and delicious cuisine. Offering a West Coast fusion of selections, our affordable and freshly prepared menus consist of AAA beef, lamb, and poultry, locally caught seafood, and healthy in-season produce. With our wide selection of options and menu styles, there is something to suit any taste and our charter consultants will be happy to talk to you regarding any dietary restrictions you or your guests may have.


  • All menus are based on a minimum of 50 guests
  • Contact our sales associates for pricing for smaller groups
  • Plated menus are subject to additional fees
  • All menus subject to tax and gratuities

Catering Upgrade Options

Chocolate and Ice Sculptures

Want to have a statement piece to wow your guests? How about a chocolate or ice sculpture, maybe even a raw seafood selection housed in a carved ice platter? Our event staff is available to arrange a special display to showcase your meal aboard our vessels.

Cake and Dessert Stations

A cake is often the centerpiece of the meal for a celebratory event. If you want a cake at your event we can order it on your behalf or simply build a station for your selected dessert.

Wine Service or Drink Stations

Drinks are an important part of an adult event. Our bars are always customized to our events in terms of option and payment. If you want to change the structure of how drinks are served maybe drink stations or wine service is what you are looking for?

Catering Guidelines at Magic Yacht Charters

Our focus is always about providing the best experience possible on the water. We know for a lot of people, that starts with good food and drinks. Whether it be a corporate dinner, a wedding celebration, a casual afternoon affair, or an evening cocktail reception, we do it all. And we do it with only the freshest and seasonal products available. We use organic ingredients wherever possible and pair them perfectly within our Pacific Northwest inspired menus. We are proud to be an Oceanwise partner, and aim to pair these menu items beautifully with our BC VQA wines and other local beverages. We take pride in our food and beverage quality and want you to be able to not only see that in its presentation but to taste it in every flavour. Thank you for bringing your event on board and allowing us the opportunity to impress you and your guests. With most of our menu items being made from scratch, and to ensure we're able to consistently provide the level of service you expect - there's just a few things we want you to know that will make your charter planning easier.


Exclusivity in Catering

We've spent years perfecting the art of cooking amazing food out of these small boat galley's - it's not an easy feat but we do it well. We are the exclusive caterers on board and are confident that we can provide you with everything that you need; however, there are times where there can be exceptions. In these instances, we do charge a small galley fee of $15.00 per person. The galley fee allows your caterer access to the galley before your event to reheat any food (please note that food must arrived cooked, and only need to be reheated/plated), service ware, plates, napkins, cutlery etc.) as well as a liaise from our team to guide you through using the galley. We do ask that your caterer stays on board for the duration of the charter to ensure that their food is being served as they prepared. Please note that we do insist on providing written prior permission for any outside food requesting to be brought on board. Food that is not consumed cannot be brought off the vessel at the end of the event.

In-house event planning

When you confirm your charter with us you will be introduced to an event coordinator who will be working with you in the days and weeks leading up to your event. The event coordinator will assist you in things like menu details, bar arrangements, route options, vendor setup, vessel floor plans any other confirmations needed in order for us to prepare for your charter. Though our coordinator is there to act as a resource for your event and the services we provide, please note they are not meant to be your event planner - any additional decor, services, rentals, or event items that you would like, do need to be organized through you or your (wedding/event) planner. We aim to provide everything that you need for your event, but we know sometimes there's things that only you can imagine into creation!

Custom Menu Requests

We will always do our best to accommodate custom menu requests. Please note that custom menu requests are only done once an event is confirmed and you are working with an event coordinator. With any special request items (outside of our usual menu offerings), the more advanced notice the better; however, a minimum of 2 weeks notice ahead of your event is required.

Menu Selection and Guaranteed Attendance

To assist with our planning and allow us to offer you our best services - your selected menu is due to your coordinator no later than 2 weeks prior to your event date, with an estimated number of guests.Your guaranteed attendance must be confirmed no later than 5 business days prior to your event, and this is the number charged to you on your final invoice. Any increases within that 5 day period will be subject to a 15% last minute surcharge on the additional meals, assuming we can accommodate the additions. Being on a boat means storage space is limited, and we sometimes don't carry the extra inventory to accommodate last minute additions. Any decreases to your guaranteed attendance within those 5 days unfortunately cannot be entertained as staffing needs and product ordering has been confirmed based on these numbers.

Dietary Restrictions

Our menus are designed with the ever-changing world of dietary restrictions in mind. We also know as an event planner, that things come up on site that sometimes can't be planned for. We offer a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free items with each menu and recommend that you plan your function with these things in mind. Menu items do note common dietaries beside them - however we do ask that nothing is assumed and we are made aware of any allergy or concern. In the case a "special meal" is required, an entree plate will be held back from buffet service until it's requested. In a reception style function, special meals are not prepared; menus should be built with dietary concerns in mind. Dietary restrictions are due with your guaranteed attendance 5 days before your event.

Menu Minimums / Labour Charges

Some menu offerings do have ordering minimums attached - and noted at the bottom of page if applicable. In the case that your order does not meet the menu minimum, a galley labour fee of $100.00 may apply.


Children under the age of 2 eat for free from any buffet service. Children ages 3 - 12 years of age are 50% the adult buffet price. Children do count in your final attendance and in Transport Canada's capacity restrictions as noted for each vessel. In any case, we do like to know how many children you are expecting to ensure that we have enough life jackets of the right size.

Bar Service

We are fully licensed venues and must provide all beverage service, and only within licensed service times. For your event, you can decide to setup the bar as either: A) Cash bar – Where guests all buy their own drinks on board (we accept cash, debit, credit). There is no cost to the host for a cash bar, and prices are charges as listed in the applicable beverage menus B) Host bar - Where you host drinks for your guests during your charter, and you are billed following your event (in the office in the following business days) based on consumption that the bartender has tallied while the bar was open on board. With a host bar, you can feel free to let us know what guests can order and if there's any restrictions (ie. no doubles, no shots etc. C) Tickets/Token system - Where guests use a drink ticket for a drink of their choice, and the consumption is later billed to the host. This method assists in controlling consumption per person during your event and ultimately helps control your budget. *Storage space is limited on board, and there are times that a product runs out and is out for the remainder of the event. We wish there were a way to restock mid-charter! We do our best to stock the bar products based on event trends however if you know your group has preferences, favourite drink types, etc. we use this information in planning and ordering.

Special Order Beverages

Like custom food menu items, we need the time to check availability, order in, and prepare for providing you with the bar products you'd like to serve. All alcohol does need to be ordered through our liquor license and served by our staff. Any product requests outside of the advertised bar menus are due in writing minimum 2 weeks before your event date and are only accommodated where possible. With any special-order product (assuming it's available), we will bring your requested product in at the advertised BCLS price - this is charged to you as the host. When your guests order these beverages during your charter, they will be billed to your host tab per drink (in a host bar scenario) or sold per drink (in a cash bar scenario) at our listed bar prices.

Service Charges

All pre-ordered food and beverages are subject to a 15% service charge and will be found as a line item on your invoice. Service charges do not apply in a cash bar or "food for sale" scenario on board.


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If this is an urgent inquiry, you can reach me directly at 604-250-8008.


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