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The Culinary Voyage: A Taste Journey Aboard Magic Yacht Charters

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We are back with another edition of our newsletter, and this time, we're steering the conversation towards a topic we all love—food! Specifically, we're diving into the ocean of flavours offered by Magic Yacht Charters in Vancouver. If you're a culinary enthusiast or an adventurer at heart, you won't want to miss this voyage of delicious discovery.

Gourmet Sailings

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Located in the breathtaking surroundings of Vancouver, Magic Yacht Charters doesn't just offer an escape into the beautiful landscapes of the region; it also provides an extraordinary gastronomic journey. We take pride in our charters’ ability to deliver a diverse culinary menu that meets high standards of quality and taste. So, what can you expect?

The Appetizer Affair

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Magic Yacht Charters kicks off its food offerings with a tantalizing array of appetizers. From the fresh seafood options like jumbo prawns and BBQ chicken skewers to vegetarian delights such as crispy cauliflower and vermicelli Asian vegetable wraps, you'll start your journey on a delicious note.

The Main Course Majesty

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Get ready for a grand procession of delectable main courses. Choose from mouth-watering options like:

  • Hand-rolled Sushi: Made with the freshest of fish and hand-rolled to perfection.
  • Wild Seasonal Salmon: Lightly baked to a medium and served with a lemon and dill beurre blanc.
  • Herbed & Seared AAA Tenderloin: Carved by a trained galley chef served with demi-glze, hot mustard, and horseradish.
  • Veggie Lasagna: For those looking for plant-based options, you won't be disappointed with this hearty Italian classic.

A Sweet Voyage Ends with a Sweet Note

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Cap off your unforgettable journey with their dessert selection, featuring luxurious options like chocolate truffles, fresh fruit, and an assortment of cakes and pies that will melt in your mouth.

Find out more about what culinary delights Magic Yachts has to offer and view our curated menus.

Customize Your Culinary Adventure

One of the most extraordinary aspects of Magic Yacht Charters' food offerings is the flexibility to customize the menu. The team works closely with you to understand your dietary restrictions and preferences to ensure that your voyage is as delicious as it is scenic.

Pairing with the Perfect Beverage

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What's good food without a drink to accompany it? Whether you prefer fine wine, cocktails, or our selection of bottled domestic and craft beers, Magic Yacht Charters has a well-stocked bar to make your dining experience a truly immersive one.

Events to Remember

Thinking of hosting an event? From corporate gatherings to intimate weddings, the culinary team at Magic Yacht Charters will elevate your occasion to a new level of elegance with their sumptuous offerings.

A Voyage to Remember

They say a journey is best measured in friends rather than miles. We'd like to add that it's also best measured in the flavours experienced, and in this respect, Magic Yacht Charters offers a voyage you'll never forget.

Thank you for staying tuned to our newsletter. Until next time, bon appétit and fair winds!

Best Wishes,
The Magic Yacht Charters Team

P.S.: For bookings and more details about Magic Yacht Charters' gastronomic offerings, visit our website or call us at (604) 250-8008

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