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Spring is here and we are EXCITED. Why? It's been a loooooong 2 years of dealing with this (insert swearword here) pandemic but we are finally looking at operating as “normal”. That's right. Normal!

What does that mean? We are able to host all of your important events at full capacity. Not half capacity or two-thirds capacity. FULL capacity! Weddings, birthdays, theme parties, corporate events — we can now host all of these without restrictions. There are no longer any restrictions on table sizes AND you don't have to remain seated.

What about masks? Masks are no longer required at our events, either indoor or outdoor.


What about dancing? Dancing is back! Yes — feel free to get up and let loose once the tunes are turned on and turned up.

What about the vaccine passport? Although we are still required to ensure all of our guests aboard are fully vaccinated and have proof of vaccination, we are expecting that this will be lifted as of April 8th. Then we really are back to operating as per usual.

So as spring has sprung and we have a new found spring in our step, we are basking in the warm glow of all this great news. Therefore we wish to take the opportunity to mention that we still have some open availability for spring and summer on our Magic Spirit and Magic Charm. There is already a huge uptick in bookings for the rest of the year as so many events have been put off for too long so don't delay — contact us ASAP to make sure that you lock in your preferred date for your important celebration/wedding/birthday/corporate shindig/anniversary/etc. We're standing by and ready to spring into action!

Magic Spirit

For more information on our Magic Spirit (and a virtual walk-through of our largest vessel), check out this link:

Magic Charm

Our Magic Charm is a more intimate setting for smaller events and we also feature a virtual walk-through so you can get a taste of what it has to offer here:

We can't wait to hear from you and to start planning your event.

Once again, don't delay! Contact our Sales Manager, Alysha, for available booking dates. May through September weekends and holidays are especially busy!

Call: 604-250-8008 or


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